What is Wedding Content Creation

Ok, let me paint you a picture! Imagine you are a fancy Instagram/ Tiktok influencer. Your getting married, and you need someone to film the wedding to get content. These are short form videos (20-60 seconds) that are perfect to post on your Instagram. This is similar to videography, expect all the content is behind the scene videos of your wedding, all captured on an iPhone. Do you need to be an influencer to have a wedding content creator? No, you do not. This is a great alternative to videography, especially for this next generation of couples!

What is the difference between wedding content creation and videography?

Glad you asked! Wedding videography will give you a highlight reel as well as a final wedding video. These videos are often 7-30 minutes long (depending on your videographer), very large files, and will be watched a hand full of times. Most videographers will not send their raw files. In comparison to a wedding content creator, who’s main job is to give multiple short form highlight videos. These short, compressed files are easily posted on instagram/tiktok/facebook. And can be easily watched over and over again! Being able to relive the happiest day of your life time and time again! You will find that a lot of content creators (including myself) will send you all the raw footage within 24 hours of your event!

Why can’t I just have one of my bridesmaids film it?

I mean…you can…

But can you trust your bridesmaid or family member to be fully present specifically to take videos of your day? Are they someone that has spent years growing experience within the wedding industry and is ready for any level of stress to be thrown at them. Are they aware and conscience of the other vendors, and how to work with them, so that we can all fully support your day. I mean… if they are, then sure.

But what you will get from a content creator, is someone who is there to capture all of the behind the scenes. Someone that will be fully present to serve you, and do that job to the best of their abilities. Someone who is a seasoned vet in the wedding industry. Someone who will take the burden off of you, and your family so that everyone can be present and enjoy their time.

How much do they cost?

This is a very good question! Wedding content creation is a fairly new “branch” within the wedding industry. So you will find the vendors that will do it for free to grow their portfolio, or lower on the $300-$500 side. Or you will find someone like myself, that has a large amount of wedding experience in many facets of the industry, and is looking to expand their brand to the world of content creation (I’ve seen this a lot with photographers, planners, and videographers.) And you can expect to have a higher dollar sign from them, but you can also probably expect a better product and better experience.

My thoughts

I see content creation becoming the new videography, within the 2024 wedding season. The current generation of brides (22-29 years old) are much more on the social media side, more than the generations before her. And will find value in this service much more than any before.

Are you looking for a content creator? Or have more questions and want to chat about it?? Send me an inquiry and we can chat about it!

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January 23, 2024

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