How do you know you can't, unless you try!
Shoot for the moon!
Even if you miss, You'll land among the stars!

now that you know a little about me, tell me all about your love story.

Who is Dani when she puts her camera down? Glad you asked! I have been blessed with so many hobbies and loves in this world! To name a few; Fitness, Baking, Cooking, Gardening, Reading, and Painting!
I was a Rower in college, and then after as well. I went to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. There I walked onto my D3 Rowing team, which was the best decision of my life! After graduation I coached the juniors team in Cape Cod. Then when I moved to Houston I transitioned that fitness and endurance to Triathlon!
If you cannot tell, I am not one that is sitting…ever. I honestly don’t fully know how to “relax.” I love every moment of my life. I have been blessed with so many skills and amazing friends and family surrounding me that I adore serving and giving my heart to! There is never a task too big or too small. There is never a goal out of reach. I live by my elementary and high school year book quote (which is also on my childhood bedroom wall that I refuse to let me parents take down) “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!” -Norman Vincent Peale

Born and raised in Orange, Connecticut, on a small “farm-et” (as my family calls it,) and being a Transplant to Houston, TX, I've always been one to jump head first into an adventure, this business is me jumping head first into making a dream a reality!
I've always been very entrepreneurial, since I can remember I've always had some type of business. selling baked goods, jewelry I made, thing I've knit. However, long with that I've always LOVED photography. Its been a love of mine for as long as I can remember, capturing and documenting the world!  

I'm Dani! your free-spirited tea loving photographer obsessed with adventure.

So you wanna know a little bit more about me?

I went to culinary school for a year!

I raised homing pigeons as a child! (I won awards and got a college scholarship and everything!)

I am currently working on my private pilots license.

I enjoy gardening, canning, reading, and writing in my free time


Random      facts about me:

June 22-26 // Moab
June 28-July 5 // Yellowstone
July 13-17 // Redwood Forest
July 18- 24 // LAKE TAHOE
July 25-28 // YOSEMITE
JUne 31- Aug 2 // Zion

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