Top 5 Best Photography Spots in the South East Houston Area

Our guide to the best photography Spots in the South East Houston Area. Photographing from the city of Houston to the beaches of Galveston! Couple photography and Portrait Photography. These locations will help make your next photoshoot pop! Whether you are looking for a great spot for Candid photos, documentary style photography, or the perfectly posed moments, these spots will assist in creating the ideal back drop and environment!

1. Challenger Seven Memorial Park

Challenger Seven Memorial Park in Webster will give you any vibe you are looking for. From a park moment, tall grass, water vibes, and trail walk, this location is the all around perfect spot. Be warned, this location is very popular amongst photographers (for good reason!) You may have to adjust your sites if its busy. But there is MORE than enough space for everyone!

2. San Jacinto Monument

Located in La Porte, Texas, this spot will give you some really cool vibes. There’s more than just the monument, you have a whole park on the premises! There are over 3 miles of paved road that gives you a little tour of all your options on this location! They do close the gate when the park closes, so make sure you properly time your session, they WILL kick you out! (ask me how I know.)

3. Avenida South Garage

This, this is a hard one for me to tell, but I promised myself I wouldn’t gate keep when making this post! It is a STUNNING location with views of the city, and no one knows about! The top of the Avenida South Garage is always empty, and can be your personal playground. It does cost anywhere from $20-30 to park. And you have access to the Discovery Green Park if you want more green vibes in your session too. Highly recommend checking to see if any major events are taking place at the convention center attached before relying on this spot, because the WHOLE garage will be filled during major events (aka, the Houston Marathon) Which is how I accidently found this Gem.

4. Under The Tipsy Turtle

Found this one during a pee break! Not much to say here, other than the best time for it is golden hour. You also have access to the beach (which can get crowded based on the location, unless your going during off season.) **Careful of glass and red ants!!**

5. Alexander Deussen Park

Stunning spot for an outdoor spot, with the water in the background, places for the kiddos to run around. A dock as well!

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